People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Sleeping in the Church

Brothers and Sisters the Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart today. I am a spirit filled Christian who has been baptized by the Holy Spirit by the gift of tongues. It is a great gift but recently I’ve felt a bit depressed and and void. Strange because the LORD promises an abundant life so this does not come from GOD. I have been down and feelings unfortunately get in the way sometimes. The HOLY SPIRIT told me this is how a human without Jesus Christ feels and I wept because I knew that life without Christ is in vain. The apostole Paul said, to LIVE IS CHRIST AND TO DIE IS GAIN, of course to die is gain for those in Jesus Christ. Always ask God what your next mission is that way you know you are doing something for the kingdom of God especially winning souls for Christ the great comission because feeling this way is horrible but bearable in Christ Jesus. Please talk to God constantly and ask God what his daily will for your life is. Read the Word and pray without ceasing because you never know who you are going to talk about Christ with or when our LORD will come to take us home. He comes for a well kept bride constantly waiting for HIM and doing HIS will. Ask God for strength no matter your situation God can use you sometimes I find it difficult to fly around the world to preach the Gospel but God sent us back to our old poor community because we were living a better lifestyle for a reason. We lost our business and couldn’t afford our 4 bedroom luxury apartment. So we came back to a 3 bedroom apartment in a really bad neighborhood. But I know this is where God wants us, because they are patient when we can’t pay rent and a lot of people here need salvation.