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So, about a year ago I was driving home from college and I was a having an incredibly intimate time praising the Lord. I was also listening to a prophecy tape that my church recorded at my high school graduation presbytery. All of a sudden in during my praises and prayers, I felt that Jesus had jumped in the car with me and we began having a simple dialogue about all walks of my life at the time.

I eventually wanted to ask Him about my future wife and He told me her name is Rebecca. Also that we would have 8 kids! Ever since then I’ve been waiting to meet a significant Rebecca at my university or on Facebook through my large network of Christian friends.

Recently I have discovered a Becca amongst mutual friends but I’m terrified of meeting her and ruining the relationship that hasn’t started yet. Anytime I suspect she will be at an event I’m attending, I shy into a corner or don’t show up at all. I don’t want to alter the situation or go ahead of God’s timing. Hopefully, like the story of Isaac and Rebekah in the book of Genesis, she will just show up while I’m worshipping in a field or something.

I plan to just grow personally with the Lord right now while I have no distractions, but I feel anxious and doubtful at the same time. Faith and prayer are all that I can stand on, and I guess His provision is always better than anything I can strive for.

Is it safe to tell my friends and peers? What if it doesn’t come true? Anyone ever heard of this type of spouse revelation/prophecy? Advice or encouragement?


  1. Grizie 7/13/2009
  2. Mpume 8/15/2009
  3. Jessie Lim nee Teh Geok Choon 11/4/2009
  4. Rebecca 6/1/2011

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