Angel and Guy

I Saw an Angel!

I am seventeen now, this happened some time ago. I was very worried about my brother who was 19 at the time (he’s 20 now) because he was an atheist. This worried me because we had been brought up to serve the one true God. He gave up Christianity saying

“If God is so kind, why did he let our mother die?”

Early one morning, we were both in the front yard and I was praying and singing praises to God. I was walking back and forth and as I turned to face my brother, he was bent over and this figure about double his size was right next to him. I knew instantly that it was an angel.

The angel was in a white robe and his feet did not touch the ground-he was floating. He was watching over my brother with his hands behind his back. I blinked and didn’t see the angel anymore, but I knew he was still there.

I was surprised that angel watched so lovingly over my brother who does not believe in Christ. It was that day I realised that God loves and cares for us ALL. Even those who don’t love Him back. My brother giving up Christianity did not stop God from sending a guardian angel to protect him.


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