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Not Sure about My Dreams…

Not sure about my dreams… the eyes of god possibly, the weather, other dreams

I’ve been filled with the holy ghost as a young child. I started having dreams after i got filled with the holy ghost most of them frightening. I’m 21 and I attend Kent State University. This one time I was sitting in the kicthen in my grandma house read Rod Parsley.. I was about 11… then i heard this music this was the beautifulist music I ever heard… it felt like something was sprinklin down on me.. then something said go to the bathroom and pray. I didn’t go because I was scared. I can say honestly I’ve been in and out of church. I’ ve had dreams about tornado’s, earthquakes and snowstorms. All those dreams came true not immediately.

I had this dream not so long ago… I was in a building it had two layers. There were lot’s of people. My best friend was there. Thunder was hitting the building it was shaking… people were frantic. I was trying to help my best friend up on the second layer… All of a sudden  I saw this cross fall Something said I AM JESUS ON THE CROSS.. I woke up and there were some pink eyes in front of my face. Lately I’ve stopped listening to rap music…

I decided a few days ago that I will give my life fully over to God. Hallejuah! I also had a dream about this big tidle wave I was on a beach… this helicopter came out of no where it was on fire.. then I went to my grandma house and told her God is coming back. When i was a child i had a dream about the moon breaking and falling from the sky.. my grandma was speaking in tongues. I had a dream that there was a dragon in the sky and the whole downtown skyline was on fire.. I was a child when I had this dream.

Also when I was about 16 my uncle who is a pastor (he was called by God when he was young… given a gift to cast out demons) a group of people were in a circle.. he was praying on me saying I am the son of Amos… I am a girl… that’s not all but I just wanna give God the glory! Hopefully someone could tell me was that God’s eyes I seen. Hallejuah! Praise God! Hallejuah thank u Jesus. He is the true and living God.