Christian Couple holding hands and sitting together

Prayer Request from a Hindu Boy

I am a Hindu boy. I love a Christian girl. But due to certain reasons I could not express my love to her.

I request all my Christian brothers to pray for me so that due to grace of Jesus my beloved will come to know about my love.

I promise I will accept Jesus as my lord forever and will be baptised and convert to Christianity in the presence of my lover.


  1. Rex Sungte 3/14/2012
  2. Seth 3/15/2012
  3. skumar 3/23/2012
  4. Denise 3/26/2012
  5. Kay 3/27/2012
  6. Alison :) 3/27/2012
  7. V Jashva 4/9/2012
  8. Barbara 4/10/2012
  9. david 4/11/2012
  10. skumar 5/12/2012

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