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Please Pray for Pass Marks in all my 4 Final exams

Dear all, I have acca board exams going on since 2nd of June. I have already given my 3 papers exams already and they all went really bad. My last exam is tomorrow. Am so scared of tomorrow’s exam plus all the given 3 exams results. Am in desperate need of a pass mark in all my 4 exams papers. As I was revising for tomorrow’s exam i thought of reading out some miracles and luckily got through this site. I know it’s dear Lord Jesus intention for me to have found this site. As soon as I read the miracle stories here I have got hope in myself, that Lord Jesus will help me in tomorrow’s exam plus he will perform miracles and will give me a pass result in all my 4 exam papers.

I also like to request you all to kindly pray for my exams plus my results. Please, I desperately need help for your prayers. Hoping to experience a miracle in my life soon with a passmarks in all my exams results.

Thank you. May lord Jesus bless us all.


  1. Joanne 6/10/2014
  2. Mrudula 6/18/2014

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