Suzana sitting on bench near fire hydrant at Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, GA

Suzana’s Christian Testimony: Prayer is Powerful

My parents, sister and brother told me this story.

I’m the youngest of 5 children in my family and I was born in weak health, very thin, and fragile. I often suffered lingering attacks of high step fever, a disease caused by a virus that was well-known in my country of Indonesia. The virus attacked many children during the year I was born.

One time, as a one-year-old, I came down with a serious case of high fever, as was often the case. It was the highest fever I had ever had. My mom had left me for a while on my bed to make some food for me in the kitchen. She asked my eldest sister Magdalena–9 years old at that time–to look after me and reminded her to call my Mom if the fever became worse.

The fever did become worse and I was having trouble bearing it. My eyes began moving up and down and my sister became quite afraid. She shouted, calling my Mom. My Mom came to check on me and found my tiny body cold and dark, blue like stone. My breathing had completely ceased. She checked my veins and could find no sign that I was alive. Shocked and confused, she cried and screamed and told my sister to call a doctor. She asked my brother John to go get my Dad who was working in his office on that day and the pastor.

The Doctor came to our home and confirmed that I had died. My Dad and pastor came a few hours after that. The pastor, “Panggani,” an Italian pastor, came to our home to give me the last sacrament. Then, my Dad took my small thin body in his arms and held it close to him and prayed:

“Oh Lord, if it is because of my sin that you take away my daughter, please forgive me, but with all my heart I ask you, please give me a chance to have her, to see her life, to see her grown up, to see her pursue her dreams. But ultimately, Your will be done Lord.”

He was crying. His is tears dropped on me. He had given up. But a few minutes after his prayer, he heard me cough and my chest started moving up and down again. I woke up after having been dead three hours.

So, here I am now. After 40+ years, God is still with me. He has given me so many blessings and always His presence is with me. He recently brought me to America, I believe, to continue His beautiful plan for me. This testimony, I will always carry through life with my parents, sisters and brother. The story reminds our family how great our Lord Jesus Christ is. What happened on that day is still fresh in our minds. They call me a “blessing child,” and “God’s loving kid.”

Nothing is impossible with God. I am a living testimony that prayer is indeed powerful.



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