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Life’s Testimony

My name is Kendell Noel, I’m from Trinidad and Tobago……this is my life’s Testimony……I was never a bright kid in school, I always got the lowest grades in class. I never liked reading or studying. After elementary school, I passed for my 4th choice. My parents were disappointed, but at that time I still didn’t care. Forms 1, 2, and 3 I had absolutely no interest in getting high grades. Most of the time I would just aim on passing my exams, but the placement in the class didn’t matter to me at all. On Fridays I would skip school and go shoot some pool with my friends. I got detention for skipping school, and suspension for fighting in school………….I wasn’t really a bad kid, I just happened to be in the wrong company………….When time came to choose subjects my dad told me to do sciences. I never understood why, seeing how horrible my grades were. I knew it was hard but I still agreed to do it. At form 4 I got separated from the gang. We were no longer in the same class or in the same building. I was in a class of four, so they placed us in the Chemistry lab. From that year forward, everything changed. Because the class was so small, we got alot of attention from the teachers, and laboratories became interesting. My entire class were selected to write CXC math in form 4 and all of us got 2’s. In form 5 I passed 7 subjects with a distinction in math. I had applied too late at UTT, so I had to wait a year. My dad teaches at Sec so he took me in to repeat for that year……….I hope u still with me cuz this is where it gets interesting lol…………at UTT I was one of 11 students who graduated from a class of 42. From that 11, four of us went to train at Carib. After six months the company sent home 3 and kept 1 (me). The rest of them got jobs but I was the only one permanent. Just last week from that same 11, only 3 moved on pass the 2nd year (I was one of the 3), the rest of them got kept back. And now I’m gonna work at a company I have always dreamed of, and I really can’t remember applying for to begin with. They told me I had applied in 2008 but I really can’t remember………….I have served the Lord all my life, and now when I look back at my life I can truly say that he has blessed me tremendously.

Kendell Noel

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