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My Grandmother Told Me about Jesus Christ

Catherine Stewart was born on April 5, 1947, in Kinston, North Carolina. Catherine grew up in a poor family her father left when she was a very young age. In her late 20’s Catherine Stewart moved to Upstate New York and Married to Willie Stewart of Macon, Georgia working as a certified Nurse Assistant and her husband a college professor while serving in the Military.

She attended an Apostolic House Church called The Church of Jesus Christ Light of The World and met a woman named Pastor Chapman from Los Angeles, California. Pastor Chapman preached in church, in house, and on the streets. She preached at a revival at night with over 200 members but that night that’s all God wanted her there she felt like if she was going to fly away, she said

“Something is going to happen I’ll be a part of it”.

She told the Lord I’ll leave Los Angeles tonight. All she had in her pocket was $10.00 and that was for bills. She received help from the Lord and moved to Rensselaer, New York.

One night in the House Church Pastor Chapman was preaching on Hell and The Holy Ghost knocked on the heart of Catherine Stewart with Powerful Conviction. Catherine Stewart knew she needed a savior for her sins. With so much conviction that night Catherine Stewart had a Bible opened and cried out to the Lord and said,

“I don’t want to go to hell and be damned for eternity I want to go to heaven.”

That same night she was saved and received the Holy Ghost.

Catherine Stewart was my grandmother. She played a role in my conversion when I was a young kid. She told me about Jesus Christ. I was convicted on my bed that night and ask God to save me. I was a “New Creature” in Christ.

I know what I want to be when I get older “The man of God”. My grandmother played a big impact in my life. In her last days she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Catherine Stewart finished her course on October 22, 2015.


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