Praying Girl

Letting God guide my life and standing still in faith.

Hello my brothers and sisters.

I hope you are well. I am that girl who faced some struggles back then in college, but the lord kept me so close and tight in his arms. I am now in my last year in college and I tell you that the lord totally changed ALL MY PLANS AND GAVE ME HIS. He put in a major where I wouldnt be tolerated but celebrated. He put me where I found my peace and happiness. I tell you, at first, I said, Lord, everything else has not been working not so good since my freshman year, why do you have to turn me BACK NOw, my junior year  when I only have 3 courses to complete my X degree. This was a painful change in my life but I TELL YOU THAT THE LORD GAVE ME COMFORT AND THE TRANSITION WENT SMOOTHLY WITH NO PROBLEMS. THE LORD TOOK ME OUT OF ALL MY CLASSES WHICH WERE GIVING ME PROBLEMS AND HE TOTALLY GAVE ME SOMETHING ELSE DIFFERENT. I tell you that when the lord says yes, nobody can say a NO. I thought I would lose all my scholarships as I became part-time without enough credits to make me fulltime BUT THE FINANCIAL AID PEOPLE SAID, NO PROBLEM…….. SHE IS VERY FINE. I KNEW THE LORD  WAS GUIDING ME AND HE HAD PUT ME IN THE RIGHT PLACE.  I am now doing Health Communication. I actually had taken 9 credits in Health communication before, to make this interesting, one of the courses I took happened to be by mistake and didnt notice it till end of my junior year when the change happened. Now when the Lord gave me  this new major, I looked back and I said, it is God who let me take all those Health communication courses that were not part of my major at all..BECAUSE HE KNEW MY FUTURE, HE KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT ME, HE KNEW ABOUT THE FUTURE CHANGES AND HE KNEW I WAS GOING TO BE STUCK. HAVING HAD taken these courses made my transition to Health communication major easy. CHALLENGED ACCEPTED. I ACCEPTED WHAT THE LORD GAVE ME AND IM VERY HAPPY. I look forward to having a great senior year. I know some people in this X department will be looking down on me BUT WHAT MATTERS IS THAT I AM WHERE THE LORD NEEDS ME TO BE. I AM SAYING THIS BECAUSE I ALSO EXPERIENCED  SO MUCH DISCRIMINATION IN x department. I tried to be strong but i wasnt happy there.

Now Im studying to take the GRE and go to graduate school in public health (international health) Fall 2014.  I am leaving this in God ‘s hands because He might have something totally different for me hehehehehehe. Please pray for me. The GRE is 185 dollars to take and I dont want to take them twice. Keep me in your prayers.

I would like to take this little time I have just to encourage all the teens out there and college students like me to pour out their hearts to the Lord, because God is the God who gives direction, guides us and knows our destiny. He loves us so much. Hallelujah. The lord is teaching me some life lessons and what obedience means. I am learning to put my life in God’s hands and let God give me his WILL. I am  learning to trust in HIm with everything and little things I have. If He directed me, He can do the same to you and everyone else who pours their hearts to HIm.

I have one of my favorite verses the Lord gave me.   “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps”.Proverbs 16:9

When I was changing my major, the Lord gave me a verse. Isiah 43.  1-7. I found encouragement from this word.

I have another testimony. I was recently broke after buying my textbooks. I was simply broke and I prayed the Lord would bless me with some money to buy food at school as I will be cooking for my seniour year instead of eating from the cafe.  I went to church and when it was time for offering. I was ashamed that I could not give God anything. The man next to me suddenly slide 100 dollars and at first I thought it was candy. I looked at it and it was money. I gave the lord 20 dollars. he later then told me that the Lord told him to give me some money. I did not know this man at all and it was my first time to see him in this church. I gave thanks to the Lord.

When we pray, the Lord hears us. Just wait and stand still in faith.

Thank you all for taking your time to listen to me and read my little story. I hope it touches many of you especially those of my age. I am in my early twenties…… I am glad that I have grown to trust in the Lord and let Him give me His will for my life.

I will be keeping you posted if I have any news. Please again, keep me in your prayers as I study for my GRE. I have been studying for 2 months and I take them this septemmber. I hope you are encouraged by my story. Thank you and may the lord bless you all.