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Prayer for Strength – Trust in the Lord for He Is Good Always

I am an Accounting and Finance Graduate, who graduated in 2018. Since my graduation, finding a job in my field proved challenging. Prior to my graduation, I was in 2017, I was trying to find a placement to get experience. My struggle started then. During the year 2017, I went through a horrible break up which pushed me into depression, Stress was real. Waking up to eat or function became really hard. I was heartbroken. Everything came crashing down to me as my work applications did not prosper, I had a breakup and I was alone.

I grew up without my parents. Getting to do an Accounting and Finance course itself was really hard. Having to go through rejections, one after the other and with the heartbreak, I thought I had lost everything and there was no space for hope. My anger turned toward God. I was angry for creating me, I was angry for not blessing me with a family, I was angry for the breakup, for all the job rejections. I thought he was having a laugh at my trouble and burden. However, I did not realise that Jesus gave me free will to choose. I did realise, most of my actions would not have been approved by him. I chose the way I lived. I learnt my action had a consequence.

When the year 2019 began, my hope to find a job was going down. I felt so ashamed every time someone asked me if I have found a job. I felt small among my friends as they have started a good job. Here I was struggling to meet the ends at the end of the month with no money and going in starvation most of the time.

However, I kept on applying for jobs. once my friend suggested me to apply for a position in her company. When I sent in my application I said to myself this would be the last time I am sending an application. However, after the application was sent I was expecting an email that said I did not get selected, but to my surprise, I got selected for an interview.

That is the day I felt within the bottom of my heart, that God was with me. I felt that I was going to get this job. I was excited and preparing hard for this interview. However, on Saturday when I was on my way to print my CV and other things to get ready for the interview, I got into an accident with a bike. Praise Lord I did not break anything however I hit my face and was hurt. I could not even move an inch until a day before my interview.

I was heartbroken. I was in pain. I trusted Lord to show mercy.

I prayed for strength. When the day of the interview came, I woke up early but I was in terrible pain. I could not move my left arm, my face was scarred and swollen. I prayed to God and asked him to be my strength. I asked for His grace to be with me all the way until the end of the interview.

God gave me the strength I needed. He became my pillar of success. He showed me that he is my father and I shall not want any other. He showed me that he was with me through everything, and he will show me His glory. I thank the Lord for giving me the job I always wanted. I thank the lord for helping me to get closer to him even though I was running away from him. I thank Him for letting me understand my mistakes and that He is not against me, but He is for me.

Praise the Lord forever and ever.

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