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Open The Doors, Let Me in to MIT

Everyone can say that life is hard, even the most wealthy people. For me, life has been an adventure because of my one and only GOD. I want to thank you my GOD for everything, everything that you have given me, everything that you have allowed me to achieve.

Thank you so much my LORD, that you have allowed and allow me to achieve my dreams and most important of all you have allowed me to attend MIT, my dream school. Thank you, my LORD, you are a great inspiration for me. You have never let me down even in my bleakest moments and you have always been beside me. Thank you, LORD, you have changed me, you have moved me and that is why I LOVE you so much my LORD. AMEN, AMEN!

I remember being with my grandmother in Ecuador, eating cuy and feeding the chicken outside in the yard. YOU have brought me here and taught me so much about everything. In this country, I got to know you and what you are capable of.

My little words cannot describe how thankful and grateful I am for you. Please my LORD, forgive me! forgive me! Open the doors to me and let me into the best engineering school in the world, MIT.  I know that YOU MY LORD will give me that gift! Thank you GOD, for EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU! AMEN! AMEN!

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