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Jesus Saved my Daughter

On November 26th 2011, we took our daughter Teofila Olivia to her pediatrician for a check-up for cold and fever. We consulted our doctor and while on the car, my daughter suddenly fainted and would not simply respond to our calls. As we were close to the hospital, we rushed back to the hospital and the doctor admitted her in the casualty ward. We were in great fear, crying and in despair as the doctor would not let us in nor tell us what had happened. While waiting outside the ward, I was only uttering one single line prayer,

“Jesus you come into this ward and take care of my child.”

In another 3- minutes, the doctor called us in to see her. After seeing her, we were a bit relieved and thanked Jesus for the miracle.

But the doctor said that she was stable but still he needed to observe her for a couple of days and admitted her in the out-patient ward. Later next day, he informed us that she had fits and her heartbeat was as low as 25 when we brought her. He also advised us to do a CT scan since she fainted.

We did and found that there was a small cyst near the brain which he referred as tumor and insisted us to take an MRI Scan. This scan also revealed the same cyst. He made us go through another test to see if she really suffered fits. For all the days, we were in the hospital, the doctor would only say that he cannot say anything firmly but wait for some more time putting us in a very desperate condition. Except for the cyst all the reports came as Normal.

We are rest assured that Jesus has healed her of all sickness including the cyst. The pain and suffering we went through those 3 days while she fainted, and the incorrect diagnosis of the doctor was immense, and no words could explain the grief. In all these, Jesus helped our family to get through and now today, Teofila Olivia is a healthy child.

Whenever I think of this, I can’t help praising Jesus for the wonder he has done in our lives for just one line of prayer. I thank him with all my heart and soul and vowed that I will share this testimony to everybody I meet. Thank you, Jesus, you are so wonderful, awesome and I will love you with all my heart forever I live. I give you all praise, glory and honor.

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