Peaceful man with arms outstretched.

A Second Life

I was just back home from work when I had the worst pain in my head, and I swallowed an aspirin to get some relief. Wrong choice, but I guess it did not matter because I collapsed to the floor with a cerebral bleed brought on by something similar to an aneurysm, which I was told came from an unknown birth defect that I must have had all my life.

As I collapsed my last thought was that this was it, and I hoped to see Jesus next. Maybe I did. But my daughter came in the house and found me and called an ambulance that brought me to the hospital.

I had an eight-hour operation to try to save me life, but even with that my chances to live were not good according to the doctor. Wife asked whole churches to pray for my recovery, and intercessory prayer warriors belonging to both Protestant and Catholic churches. She brought our 2 mostly grown children to the hospital, and they laid hands on me and asked Jesus to heal me.

It wasn’t quick, but I didn’t pass away. And in time I started to get better. I got to walk again, and in time hike again, and everything that was badly messed up slowly improved. After a year and three months even got my driver’s license back. I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing me back, and for all those who prayed for my healing.

After this I even got into intercessory prayer for others for several years, because I wanted others to see how wonderful it is to be healed. My second life began in 2002, and to my surprise I am still around. But he can do anything!

If you need healing…it is possible, and being prayed for in church, to me, is the first step in asking for that! God bless you, in the Lord!

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