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Jesus in the Darkness

In this dream I was in a dark place. This place was like an old, ancient, abandoned church. The light was very dim, but very dark. I was with other people and we were all sitting staring in front of us at this wall. The whole placed had nothing in it and was barren. The wall reminded me of being inside a cave. On the wall were these carved pictures. I began to look for pictures of Jesus and the carved images began to get smaller as I looked at them. Then this light started to flicker out of nowhere. It kind of startled me and caught me off guard. The light was bright white and inside the light was a man. This man had brown hair and he had a golden glow. He was the coolest person I’ve ever seen. The golden glow even came out of his hair.

He was turned to the side and it seemed he was doing something but I did not know what he was doing. I was scared to talk to him because I felt enormous strength come from the light and I could feel that he knew everything that there was to know. Then the light dimmed and he went away. I turned to the woman sitting next me and said

“He was really cool”

and she said

“Yeah that was cool.”

As we were both amazed at what happened all of a sudden the woman I was talking to started to make these weird freaky faces. I thought she was having muscle spasms or a stroke. She started going around the room. I tried to help her and then I woke up. After I woke up I realized the man was Jesus. Jesus was not afraid of the darkness at all and it almost seemed that he was waiting for someone to try and talk to him. I read another dream similar to mine and the person that talked to Jesus got to see heaven. The light from Jesus snapped me out of the dull boring darkness and made me feel alive and excited it was amazing!

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