Praying Girl

Jesus Has The Best Timing. Trust Him Blindly!

I am currently in 12th(CBSE). All the revision exams in school, I did bad. Bad in the sense i used to get 46-52/70. I would know everything in the question paper(95 percent) and would be aiming above 60. I would do a lot of hardwork and efforts and would prepare. But every time I flopped. I do a lot of silly mistakes and other mistakes.

For revision 3 chemistry exam, I knew the concepts very well. I had it in my fingertips. I studied almost 95 percent of the theory as well. But i got only 47/70. I came home. I just thought about my performance and tears started rolling down my eyes. I put in a lot of effort and hard work. But nothing happened. Every exam, it was the same. I wasn’t the mugging up type. I knew the concepts thoroughly. But somewhere something was going wrong. All the teachers lost faith in me. They thought I would top the class. But all my performances were way below.

I cried so many nights in prayer-why is this happening with me lord. U have been my guide from the day I was born. U have taken me to great heights. But why did u forsake me now? I am just the same sinner who have been sinning against u for the past many year. But u have rescued me out of every trouble. Why did u suddenly forsake me? I scored just 378/500 in boards. With just 4 more days for board exams, I trusted him blindly.

I gave my physics exam on 5th march. Everyone said it was way tough. But I am expecting 95-96.With Jesus I can get 98 or 99 as well. Those who scored way more than me, would score less than me in boards. Whatever I studied the day before, that came in the exam. I went with the same level of preparation as I went for preboard. Jesus can do miracles. He is glorified through us. Finally when my results come, my teachers would be really shocked. They would finally see the roaring lion(Jesus) who is inside of me. Only now i understand why i scored so low in my preboards. Jesus is glorified through me. Trust him blindly no matter what. Our Lord doesn’t need swords and spears to save us. He will save us from great troubles. And the whole world will know that Israel has a living GOD. AMEN

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