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If You Want to be my Child

Forgiveness – the key

Coming from Israel I was not used to having a maid, but the urgency of those women receiving a job forced me to employ one. Regina, our sweet maid, served us faithfully for seven years. Then one day while asking her to offer a cup of coffee to a black sister in Yeshua, she refused harshly. Not understanding this kind of behavior, I warned her that disobedience will not work. Since she would not prepare the coffee, while I was willing to prepare it, she took her things and left, just like that!

After seven months passed, she came back, and explained that, “Being born a Zulu (an African Tribe) I could not serve another tribe.” She served us another three years, until we moved to New Zealand. During those seven months I had seven maids. None fit.

The last maid was a Catholic woman who desired to have this job and told me that she was a Christian. I was glad. After we talked, I understood that she wasn’t a born again believer. So, I prayed for her. The next morning, she woke up, all shaky, her hands covering her face. She said,

“Madam, Madam, I cannot watch! HE IS HERE! “

She was seeing an outside vision.

After the visit ended, she calmed down and said to me, “I saw Yeshua standing in the hallway of your home with six angels standing at His right and six angels standing at his left, singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.'”

Then she said,


For her that was a tall request and she explained to me why. She said,

“I have seen with my own eyes, how two black men CUT INTO PIECES my dear flesh and blood brother, whom I loved! And Yeshua asked me to forgive them!”

I was speechless. That was a hard case! How could I help her? She then added the most important part.

“Those two men, who murdered my brother, are Christians today!”

Then she told me that her last words to Yeshua were,

“Help me Lord, to forgive, for I am willing, and I want to be your child!”

And what about us? Have we forgiven our brothers? It may be that Yeshua is asking us to forgive His brothers, the Jews.

It may be we have not really understood the reason of His Coming, and of His Dying on the Cross, and of His Sufferings, and HAVE NOT FORGIVEN.

Yes, children of God, the Father AND Yeshua CHOSE for Him to die so that ALL who receive Him may be saved and may have Eternal Life! Not the Jews, nor the Romans killed Yeshua!

For OUR SAKE He was SENT, and He CHOSE to die the kind of death that He died.

Genesis 2:8; Genesis 45:5; Daniel 9:24″27; Isaiah Chapter 53. Real love, ‘agape’ love, unconditional love, REQUIRES FORGIVENESS! Are we willing?

Marlene Malachi
© Mishkan Ed
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