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Bad Heart

Before Jesus saved me, well let me rephrase that, before I accepted that Jesus wanted to save me, I lived like an abomination. I was the definition of selfish, I lied, cheated, stole, used drugs whenever I could, got drunk as regularly as I could, had no respect for myself or anyone else. I underachieved, was lazy and didn’t care about anything.

I have always believed in God and I knew the story of the Gospels, but I had never encountered His love. The only love I had was for alcohol and living my reckless life, all about me, for me. I was so lost!

I lost countless jobs, had numerous failed relationships and left a trail of destruction and hurt wherever I went. I even had a run in with a psychic spiritualist named Ella. She labeled me the owner of a “Bad Heart”. She placed what I can best describe as a curse on me, but with the power of prayer to Jesus, has now been lifted.

It was this incident that made me begin to seriously consider Christianity. I was however deluded that my sins were too great, that my heart had no love to give and according to Ella that if I didn’t commit suicide first, I would die a brutal death at the age of 32 (I’m 33 in less than 2 months). But then I met Jesus.

I felt His love, forgiveness and His fire in my heart. And I can definitely say it is the best buzz ever! I admit it took me some time to give up bad habits. I kept thinking that Christian living could start tomorrow…when I’d stopped taking drugs, I just “wasn’t quite ready or quite good enough just yet…”

But then one Sunday I visited Church and talk was about work-the day before I was returning to work after nearly a year off. I then knew it was time to be baptised (March 2013)! I felt like God had personally spoken to me! I know now that this is more than possible and happens all the time.

Since then, I’ve experienced a Touch from God. I appreciate that to non-believers this is non comprehensible but put simply, He was just letting me know that “He had my back.” The changes in my life since accepting Christ are overwhelming. I’ve started achieving (driving license, distance learning certificates) living healthily, praying and reading the Word regularly, being reliable, serving at Church in a number of ministries, I’m now a student at college… Oh! And instead of snorting cocaine every weekend, I now go to Church every weekend! 🙂

I’m living so much of a better life with Jesus in it. I love experiencing God’s presence, hearing or reading His word and feeling how much He loves me. It’s far from easy to turn your life around. I’ve tried a thousand times! But with the strength and love of Jesus Christ, it’s happened to me.

I love to pray:

“I’m sorry Jesus for my past and I’m so grateful for my future.”

Thank you, Father God.


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