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I Surrendered My Life to Him

I got saved in 9/14/2001 weekend in a spiritual retreat that I was invited to by a total of 3 congregations of churches including my own called The Glory of God Spanish Church in Miami where my grandmother was a Pastoring at that time. Jesus freed me from sex offenders who took advantage of me living in a broken household since the age of 2 when my parents divorced, and my mother wanted to give me up for adoption.

According to my dad and he married 5 times to women who had other children and also divorced except his last marriage who was Christian and had a boy and girl who became my siblings. I grew up not knowing who God was to me, only my grandmother from my dad’s side prayed for me and the family daily. I had an unstable upbringing and my dad at the time was selfish in his lifestyle as his children not always being first in his life nor knowing or serving God.

I experienced promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, constant smoking, stealing, depression and suicidal thoughts and extreme obesity, astrology, tarot card readings, seeing witches and psychics for my future and etc. God encountered me in a powerful way as I surrendered my life to Him. He led me to my grandmother’s house who loved me very much and took me in as I started my journey in living a Christ like life.

God used supernatural visions, the gift of revelation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit to completely reveal Himself to me fully and to identify who He was and who He was not. God used the gift of prophecy and revelation to reveal secrets to me no one knew about. My life changed drastically a 360 in passionately living for the Lord and who He was and were my love story with Him has not stopped. I am still growing and learning all the time and have learned to live in submission to His will and ways and not my own.

God is master and He disciplines those He loves. God has been restricted me in a lot to protect me until I my foundation was secure in Him. Thankful each day knowing He is real, and we are so loved by Him. His Mercy and Grace is real every day. Change and staying in His lane is the best route. I am now 44 years old. All Glory goes to God. 🙂


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