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Beginning a New Life with Jesus

Hi, my name is Iqra. I’m 17 years old and I am from England. My family are Muslims, they are not super religious, but they still believe. They took me for a Quran lesson when I was a child. I was told that Allah is the one true God, and I should worship Allah and not other gods.

I was bullied in my school, primary and secondary. I was so fed up, that I want to kill myself. I just want peace.

In 2017, around Christmas eve (I was 12), I was on the YouTube, finding the best video to watch, then I saw the first Superbook episode ‘In the beginning’. That’s when my first taste of Christianity began. Superbook is based on the stories from the Bible. I even watched the Superbook show. The more I watched it, the more I felt close.

Then coronavirus came. I was 14 when it happened. I watched 3 Christian movies that are based on true stories:

  • I am not ashamed (2016)
  • Miracle from Heaven (2016)
  • Heaven is for Real (2014)

Just few months later, I found a website called IsaandIslam. The members are going to bring Muslims to Christ. I didn’t have contact with them until June 2022. I asked many questions about Jesus and the Bible. After so many conversations, I decided that it was finally time for me to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

I started to write two books on Bookemon : ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and ‘Singing for God’ I shared with IsaandIslam staff. I am currently writing ‘IQRA’S WORLD’

I also downloaded the Superbook Bible app.

I didn’t tell my parents, that I believe Jesus as Lord and Saviour, because I was afraid what would they say. I kept this as secret.

Jesus is the answer, but also, it’s a journey. This is just the beginning for new life. The old me has gone, the new me has been born.

He changed my life, and I am proud.


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