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I Saw What it Meant to Believe

I was in church this morning for the 3rd sunday in a row. My friends had asked me to come 3 weeks ago and I did and I went back because I liked the way it was run “A community of hope sharing hope with the community” is their motto and they hold to that which is why I like it.

I had seen people go to the front during songs and kneel at the steps before, but today my friend, one who asked me to join, went to the front to kneel. My other friend went up and kneeled with him, her hand on her back. The guy next to me, whom I didn’t know, also went up. I thought about going up but I heard someone in my mind say “don’t, just watch” so I did.

While they kneeled, I felt a ‘white’ presence (read my bio to learn more about me) and could feel 3 figures about like white fairies the size of a full grown man, one between me and my friend (but off to the side like he was trying not to block my “view”) and two in front of my friend. They stayed there a while and eventually I couldn’t feel them anymore.

I know it sounds crazy but I know what I felt/saw. I didn’t understand what was going on when he went up but by the time he sat back up from kneeling, I knew what had gone on.

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