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I Passed All My Exams Except One

So I was praying since May for success in my law examination and I’m here to say that God has not failed me. I wrote all 5 courses but I failed one. I was expecting to fail 3 courses but I prayed to God that I will not fail. I asked him to hear my prayers and he did. I did so badly that I thought that I would have to repeat the year but apparently I did not.

When I opened my results I saw that I got all B’s and one D. I was saddened but on the brighter side I don’t have to repeat. I can’t thank God enough for everything that he has done. He has never failed me and I know that he will not abandon me. I did so poorly in those exams and I thought I had to repeat but God saved me. I guess the one course that I did not pass is my punishment for being lazy…

Nevertheless keep your faith in God. Whenever I started to doubt God I use to sing to him now because of him I’m rejoicing.

I intend to review the course I fail so I pray that the reviewer will pass me in Jesus name. I pray that God will grant me favour in their eyes in Jesus name. Amen

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