A Man Praying

I Found Jesus

And He Saved me from Going to Hell and Took me away

I used to be in a gang. I was in the gang for 2 years, but I was bangin for 4 years since I was in the 8th grade, and I am now a high school senior. As a kid I was always attracted to gangs. My family was brought up in gangs, my parents when they were younger and cousins who I grew up with. when I was in elementary i dressed like a lil gangster.

As the years went by, I grew older and started doing different things because I was in middle school. I was always a good kid, never in trouble, always did my work, never in fights, and listened to my parents. As I was in 6th and 7th, there were people who messed with me. I was never a snitch but I was kind of bullied in a way because I was skinny and small.

In 8th grade I started dressing baggier and walking different. I talked different and looked meaner. I always tried to look at someone with a mean look. My family was a good, loving, and caring family. As I was in the 8th grade I started getting in trouble, kicked out of school, breaking and entering and getting 6 months’ probation for it.

Right now, I’m on probation for tagging on walls putting the gang i was in on the wall in my hood to let my enemies know we were there. the reason I joined a gang was to be like old school gangsters. and 2 years ago, I got into a gang because of my homie who is now on the run for murder. and to get into the gang i fought for about a week straight, fight after fight after fight just to prove to them i was down and crazy, but now i regret that and i want to let everyone know that God can make a change in your life and that he loves every single one of us. He sent his one and only son. We are all his children but Jesus was special.

I’m also an ex-scratcher. A scratcher is someone who does tattoos from their home and is not professional. Tattoos are a sin because God doesn’t want us to mess up our bodies. He wants us to take care of them. Sure, tattoos are beautiful, but God’s love is more beautiful than anything in the world. I love to draw. Drawing is my life (after Jesus of course) I have been drawing since i was 2 my mom says.

And now I want to draw for Jesus, the Lord, God. I want him to give me visions so I can paint them or draw them out for everyone to see. I love Jesus and he Loves me and everyone sinners or not. We all have a purpose in this life. Some people are sacrificed and I want to let everyone know that Jesus can make you happy and give you strength. Jesus made a change in my life and he can make a change in yours.

I went from carrying a gun or butcher knife to carrying a bible. I went from running up on people asking them what they bang to walking up to people and blessing them and telling them my testimony. I went from being angry at the world to wanting to save everyone i know and everyone I don’t know. I even want to save my enemies from the depths of hell.

Gangs aren’t good. But people should stop criticizing gangs because those people have a reason to be in a gang and they don’t live an easy life. Demons influence people like me or people in gangs especially younger kids. A gang is an army of evil, one of the devils greatest creations to destroy lives, the community, and the world. Devil is bad and everything good is God. You choose, you know what is wrong and what is right. And for those who are afraid of getting out of a gang because the only way getting out is by them killing you, well call for Jesus and he’ll come. Call for the Great almighty Lord and he will come unto you.

For any of you gang members out there trying to get out, here’s a prayer, you can add to it or change if you’d like…Jesus, oh great Lord I come unto you asking for forgiveness, and I repent from my crimes and sins I have done, oh father for I have sinned and I trust in you and believe in you because I know that God awakened Jesus from the dead. I know that he died for my sins even though I wasn’t even born yet.

Oh father, take away my pain and struggles, give me happiness and joy, take away my evil mind and give me strength, courage, and make me wise, Dear Lord i love you and pray for everyone on this earth, which you love, in the name of the father, Amen…now you will serve the Lord and they to save everyone from hell, you can make a difference, if your going to be in an army might as well make it God’s. God bless you.