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How the Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me and Then Hell Broke Loose

The scriptures say in Ephesians 2:8-9, that “For it is by Grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it s a gift of God. Not by works, so that no one can boast”. My Brother and Sister, you realize how I tried to save myself for almost two years. All this time I struggled with the satanic strongholds and clutches that had thrust such a strong grip in my life. Never at any given moment did I know how to devote my life in prayer and ask Jesus Christ to intervene. I really thought I could save myself, yet there is only One Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I remember one day in the beginning of the month of October 2015, I had come home from drinking around 6am, slept and woke up around 1 pm. When I woke up, I had such a bad hangover than I had ever experienced before. Then, I started regretting my lifestyle but finally concluded that even God knows how I have tried to be saved. In fact, I concluded that this idea of being saved could be non-existent, and I am only trying in futility to be what does not exist.

I remembered how I asked those who said they were saved ‘what are you saved from’, and then I resolved in my heart and actually spoke it to Jesus Christ that, ‘I will never try again to be saved’. I remember it was in the beginning of the month of October 2015. After experiencing this bad hangover, I for sure knelt down and said about two or three sentences to God. I said,

“Jesus Christ, if there is something about being saved, then save me. You know I have tried relentlessly but failed. I will never again try to be saved”.

And I really meant this. What I can say for sure from my experience during this month of October 2015 is that Jesus is the only one who saves. It cannot be our efforts or even our good works, but by His power because He is the Savior of the World. And I am not really trying to propagate any doctrine. Jesus is the Mighty Deliverer and the Savior of the whole world. We only need to call His name and we shall be saved.

After making this strong resolution, two weeks did not end before Jesus Christ saved me. The Lord saved me through a dream. You can imagine that what I was not able to do for years just happened through a dream. On this particular night, I dreamt. In this dream, I just found myself in hell. Yes, I was in hell. In fact, there is no time in my life that I had thought of hell as such. However, I just found myself standing in hell.

I was in this section where demons, who were very tall and build up, piled a hip of people down, as firewood. I knew they were demons. I just stood about 15 meters away from them and watched what they were doing. I also stood at the edge of an endless pit where they were throwing people into. I was standing there watching what was happening. I looked at the endless pit and there was smoke everywhere. I just knew, I don’t know how, that this pit was endless.

But again I saw it filled with what appeared like white smoke, covering everywhere. And I was standing at the age of this pit. About 15 meters away, demons were busy throwing people to this endless pit. What I saw was that these people were thrown as firewood, to amplify the strength of fire deep inside the pit. Although alive, I sympathized with this people because they were totally helpless. They could not do anything whatsoever to resist being thrown into this pit, or even to fight back. They could not resist, they were helpless.

I was standing there watching, and then fear started to grip me. I knew that after they finished throwing those people, I was the next one. I felt that I would also be thrown to the endless pit, and fear started to overwhelm me. However, as I watched them, I also realized that they were not seeing me. The two demons were very busy doing their thing without looking at me, and I was only a few meters away from them. They seemed not to know that I was there watching them.

Then, I looked behind me and saw a gate. I thought in my mind, I am going to escape before they could see me and throw me to the pit. Just as I thought this way, I just found myself outside the gate. Outside this gate, there was a road or a path, where I saw people walking in a hurry. The people who walked past me never spoke to each other. They seemed to walk in hurry and not even looking at me. I followed them.

However, after taking steps of about 4 meters from the gate, alongside this people in a hurry, then another thought came into my mind and I suddenly knew that this path led to another section of hell. As I knew this, I stopped and decided not to continue following the path. I stopped and then decided to squat beside the path and watch as people walked in a hurry, to this other section of hell. As I squatted and watched people walk past me in hurry and not seeming to see me at all, then I was astounded when this one person who also walked as if he doesn’t see me stood suddenly in front of me.

Again, fear gripped me. Now I thought this is my time to be taken to the endless pit. As he stood in front of me, I also felt extremely helpless; I could not do anything. Although this person did not look like the demons I saw, I knew it was satan who had taken or inhabited one of those human souls that were going to hell. He stood before me appearing as a man. He stood in front of me at a time I thought he was not seeing me. Then he stretched his hand and took hold of my mouth so strongly. Then at that point I knew I was a foregone case. In fact, I could not even try to resist his strong grip on my mouth. I also became helpless like those people who were being thrown to the endless pit. Then using his other hand, he thrust his hand into my mouth.

Then the Lord Jesus must have opened my spiritual eyes to see what was happening inside my mouth. Satan released poison, a very green substance down my stomach. In fact, I saw it as it went down through my throat and to my stomach. I saw my throat and my stomach so clearly, and I saw this green poison so clearly. What satan and I knew for sure is that this green substance killed immediately, as in, it killed within a second.

As the green substance went down my stomach, I knew very certainly, and I don’t know how, that the green substance killed instantly. I knew satan also knew the same thing. After a second, or almost immediately, satan was astounded. Both of us were again brought to the knowledge that this substance could not kill me. He released poison down my throat but now he became upset that this very dangerous poison that killed instantly could not kill or harm me whatsoever. I was also shocked and stunned. Now I could feel a little energy in me. Now I could feel the tremendous love of God, that such a dangerous poison could not kill me. I even wondered what I had done to God to deserve such a protection.

More importantly, when satan realized that his very dangerous poison could not kill me, he spoke some words to me that left me devastated. Throughout this dream, no one had spoken to me. I was just watching things and knowing some of the things just in my mind. However, after satan was surprised that the poison he released to my body cannot kill me, he spoke words to me. he said and I quote him, ‘we will do everything to get you’. And he actually spoke in English.

Then I woke up from this dream completely devastated.

I could not sleep. Three things were now ransacking throughout my thoughts; the love of God in that kind of protection I saw, satan’s vow to do everything to get me, and my sympathy to the helpless people I saw in hell being treated as firewood for the endless pit. I wondered ‘why would satan say that they would do everything to get me?’ I knew deep in my mind that satan really meant what he said. He was going to try all his strategies and schemes to lead me to that endless pit in which I saw people who were helpless being thrown. He was determined to do this. My dear reader, if he is determined to do this to me, he most probably would also pursue you and all of God’s people.

However, as I pondered through the dream, I also felt the love of Jesus Christ, to the point that He could protect me from such dangerous poison that killed instantly. When I thought about this, the love of Christ filled my heart that when I woke up this day, every addiction had evaporated from me like thin air. I could not even fill that craving for cigarette. My Dear reader, it went away. In just a single episode, all the addiction I had struggled with for 12 years vanished.

Remember too, I was addicted to almost everything from alcohol, tobacco, lust, pornography, anger and all forms of evil. However, through this dream, Jesus Christ came and demonstrated to me the extent of His love. That even though I was so wicked; He still could protect me from death and from the mouth of satan. Jesus Christ my Savior and God, had the power to turn such a dangerous poison harmless. He had so much indescribable love; a love that quashed away every stronghold and every addiction.

I want to tell you my Dear reader, that the Love of our Savior can do the same thing to you. It does not matter what kind of situation you are grappling with; just cast the situation and your state before the Throne of Jesus Christ, the Throne of Mercy, the Throne of Love, the Throne of Grace, the Throne of Redemption, the Throne of Deliverance, the Throne of Favor, the Throne of Victory, and upon that Throne of Abundant Life. In whatever circumstance you are in now, Jesus Christ has the power and the authority to replace disorder with Order; He can substitute discord, conflict, and violence with Peace; where there is disunity, He will sow unity; where there is no love, He can sow love; and where there is only failure and death He will bring life eternal. Amen.

Thanks Denis Nyamweya for sharing this part of your story from your book, “A MOMENT WITH GOD: Jesus Saved me and Then Hell Broke Loose”


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