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Strong Hindu RSS Believer Accepted Jesus

I went to church and heard message of pastor at the time. In my heart I started shivering, some power was working in me. After the meeting was over, all members went to someone’s house for meals. I spoke to the pastor,

Sir, I am repeatedly hearing one word that’s written on a wall, John 14:6.

Then he told me that in the future you will tell Jesus to everybody. No I won’t tell; that is a vague thing. I will never do that! Still even that voice is coming in my heart John 14:6.

I got lot of fear when everybody had gone to the house. Praying, I sat in corner, then I asked god who it was speaking to me. If you are real, god please appear to me.

Then suddenly a bright powerful light came, and I fell down. After 15 minutes I woke up and was telling everybody that I have seen God. Nobody believed my words. One person came and gave me a bible. I asked,

“What is this?”

He told me to study the book. From there I went directly to my house. I kept that book in the pooja room. I slept. In the early morning a voice came. “Suresh. Suresh.”

Suddenly I awoke. I saw nobody there. A bright light was shining on the Bible book. Then I started reading that book continuously for three days. After that I realised Jesus is the real god. Then I removed all statues from the pooja and dropped by Tank Bund telling everybody Jesus is the real god.

All my family boycotted me immediately. I took baptism immediately.

I have attended 400 churches where I gave the testimony. So many people were converted.

Note: please spread it in your circle so that you are blessed. May God bless you. He will give the gift of salvation. The blood of Jesus will clean all your old sins and he will save you from future sins and make you perfect so that you can stand in front of him boldly.

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