Girl with her dog

Healing is from God for all!

The Lord healed my dog and saved it from the death!

A dog might not be as important as a human being, but I am giving this testimony as it is important to give glory to the Lord. I would have given the testimony if God has saved my car or my house as well although those are not living things at all, but it shows how the blessings of the Father rest on everything that pertains to the life of the believer!

My dog is now 11 and 1/2 years old and about a month ago she got very sick. Her stomach swelled and was gathering water. She could hardly move. My sister and mother took her to the vet, and they said that apart from that her liver is enlarged and she has either an infection or a tumor in her lungs.

When I was told this, I knew that it was appointed for my doggy to die then but I didn’t just want to accept it and I said to them:

“I will pray to God and our dog will be all right. Please you pray too!”

But I knew it within myself that the situation was a heavy one.

I prayed and cited the scriptures where it is written that not even a hair will fall of the head of the cattle of the righteous man and that there will be no sickness and famine among them. And I said to my Lord:

“Lord, my dog is my cattle. If she has to die let her die in full age and good health and not oppressed by demons!”

And I charged all demons to leave my dog in the holy name of the Lord Jesus.

After three days of prayer the word of the Lord came to me and said:

“It will be okay with your dog.”

For a few more days I stayed on this faith till I knew that our dog is getting better! Now she is fully recovered and is and will be okay. Glory to Jesus forever and ever. Healing is of God and is for all who believe! Amen!