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God’s Timing

My husband had retired five years earlier, and I received news that my job was being eliminated in a few months. We decided to move back to his country, Canada from the U.S., where we could both retire and have affordable medical coverage. We put our house on the market right away.

After a few weeks, we were out to lunch with a couple from our church and expressed our concerns about getting our house sold. They looked at each other in a knowing way. I asked what that look had meant.

He proceeded to tell us that they had many antique clocks in their house which didn’t run anymore; and that he had set them all to 11:59 as a reminder that God’s timing is not our timing. I liked that idea and told them that I also had a clock on my living room wall, that had been a gift from our Canadian church when we left there, and that it didn’t run anymore. I was going to set it to 11:59 when I got home.

When we arrived home, I walked over to the clock so that I could take it down and change the time. But already the hands were at 11:59! I was so surprised; I asked my husband if he had done that. He had not. And so, I suspected that this was a message from the Lord to us.

Over the next several months, we had many people look at the house, but no offers. My husband went on to Canada to buy and get a home ready for us, while I completed my obligations to my job. It was difficult for us to be apart, and there were many times when I had to rush home from work and get our pets out of the house so it could be shown.

My last day of work was also to be the day we would pack the truck for the move, whether or not the house sold. At work, I had often mentioned the 11:59 thing, and one of my Christian coworkers reminded me that it was 11:59 when I commented how difficult it was to leave the country with the house unsold. In my frustration, I replied that it was 11:59:30!

We finished loading the truck the next day, and while we were loading it, a couple came to see the house. They were very interested in it. We drove away, not knowing if they would make an offer or not. The next day we stopped at a rest stop and called our real estate agent, to see if there was any news.

She had been trying to reach us. There had been another visit to the house a few hours after we left with the truck, and we had not one, but two offers on our house! We praised the Lord right there in the parking lot. We sold our house, and we thanked the Lord for His perfect timing.


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