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God Speaks to Us in our Dreams

I just want to tell everyone that God speaks to us in our dreams. He reveals things to us and warns us if our enemies tries to attack us. There are a lot of people who ignore such messages.

I would like to share my testimony that I was in a bad relationship and every time, God used to reveal things and I didn’t know God was talking to me. Whatever I dreamt that actually happened and we broke up for good. God saved me and gave me new and happy life.

After some years when I really sought the Lord with all my heart, I came to know that God speaks to us through dreams. In the bible Joseph used to interpret dreams and I was amazed by that.

When we dream something bad, cancel that dream when you first wake up so that the enemy’s plans are cancelled. We at times try to tell our dreams to others and when we speak those words Satan starts to work in our lives. Remember our words are powerful. It is very important not to share dreams but cancel them by the word of God. And if you see something good then praise the Lord.

God loves us all and He is warning people to be alert and destroy that Satan. I love you all and I will continue to pray for everyone.

Happy New Year to you all and have a blessed 2021.


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