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Jason’s Testimony

I grew up in a Christian family home attending Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA but then we stopped going because my dad had to work Sundays, my mom didn’t force religion on my siblings and I as kids but quite frankly I wish she would have because I am the only one who has come to Christ, my sisters and brother have different beliefs.

In high school I was sinning left and right, listening to bad music, addicted to pornography, never had a girlfriend, never went to any school dances, I didn’t have many friends and got beat up a lot so that lead to depression, thoughts of suicide but never did anything about it, but then God blindsided me and changed my life forever, I was not seeking Him but He was seeking me…

2000, I was in a rollover accident, since then I gave up the bad music, gave up the porn and graduated high school in 2002 but yet still didn’t follow Christ like I should have.

2005 I got my first girlfriend and she got me to start going to a Catholic church with her and her family, that lasted for about 2 years until she cheated on me with her ex-boyfriend who came up from CA and proposed to her while she was with me and she said yes. So I left her, left the church and then asked her best friend if she want to come check out a new church with me and she said yes.

It was our first time being at Living Hope Church, they rented out the Rose Garden Arena for Easter Baptisms in 2007, I remember it like it was yesterday. We were sitting in the floor seats and Pastor John Bishop said

“Don’t wait, come just as you are.”

So, I turned to Amy, and I said okay I am doing it, I got up out of my seat, took a leap of faith and when I got in the pool to be baptized, the worship team started singing a song called “Only God.”

Ever since then I was hooked, I love Living Hope so much that the very next day I went to the main campus and volunteered, I love to serve and to help others, that is what I do for work right now, I am a caregiver. I love getting to minister to my clients and pray with them during my shifts.

God saved my life from my rollover accident, so I am giving my life back to him and becoming a pastor. God has blessed me with a great job and a beautiful wife for last 6 years and I can’t wait to see what He will do next in our lives.

Go and make disciples!

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