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Just Tell Me One Thing

True Story of God’s Blessing to Me!

Sometimes it’s a good thing to tell your testimony to give God the praise and glory he deserves so I wanted to tell just one of mine!

When I was in my mid-twenties nothing I did in life was working out! My relationships, jobs, health, nothing. I had lost my girlfriend, my good job, had to move back in with my parents, got shingles & other health issues. I felt the world and everyone in it hated me because nothing I did was working out!

I felt alone and defeated but I began to talk to God in prayer that night because he had always been there for me when no one else was. I remember crying myself to sleep that night praying and asking God if He just told me one thing I would make it, if he just told me,

“I was loved”

I would do everything I could to fight and not end my life. I told God to make it crystal clear to me to, because I wanted to know it was him.

I remember waking up the next morning with no thought of that night. All I knew is I had to go into Food Lion and stock shelves at my part time job in hamlet, so that’s what I did! It was just another day at work making what I could to get by.

As I was stocking I looked down the aisle and saw a lady trying to reach something on the top shelf, so I went and helped her! Not thinking anything about it, I walked back an began stocking.

It was then I noticed the same lady kept staring at me as if she wanted to tell me something or get more help. She walked up to me and told me I think this was meant for you. She reached in her pocketbook and all I thought is she’s either going to give me money for helping her or she’s got gun.

She pulls this little baggy out with a card in it and two stones one red and one clear! She says that she was looking for the right person to give this to and she believed it was me! She then spoke about God and said the red stone stood for the blood Jesus shed on the cross for our sins and the clear one was something else!

Honestly, I guess I really didn’t care at the time, because me being selfish, I said in my head I really would’ve loved cash instead of a speech!

At the time I was hurt, angry, bitter and didn’t want to hear anything about anything positive.

Not thinking about it, I said “thank you” and placed it in my pocket.

It was only about minute or two when I realized I better look at it and not be selfish. Not only that but I couldn’t ignore anything about God even if I was mad and upset! So I pulled that baggy out an read that card and as I got to the bottom of that small card I burst out with tears. I began to cry out loud with a smile on my face at the same time.

At the bottom of that card it said


Not I love you or they love you, but rather “YOU ARE LOVED”!

Y’all, I went all around hamlet Food Lion looking for that lady but never could find her!

To this day it brings joy to my heart to have such a wonderful awesome God and tell others about what God can do! I ask him to tell me You are loved so I could make it through life a little bit longer, but he didn’t just tell me! MY LORD WROTE IT DOWN and HAD IT HAND DELIVERED TO ME!

Glory be to God the father, Son, & Holy Spirit for his gift of love, salvation and everything else in between! I am living walking proof of God’s amazing Love!

I have told this testimony to some, but wish I would’ve shared it with the world years ago! So anyone who has doubts, pain, hurt, and feels like giving up, DON’T, because God is always in reach, just cry out to Him when you need him. I promise he will be there for you!

This has been in my bible with me since my twenties and I will be buried with it! Please forward to everyone you know and love to give my Lord God the Honor and Praise I should’ve given him years ago!

Love Joey Lee Quick (if you like you can see the card on my Facebook I carry it in my bible.



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