Praying Girl

God CAN… God WILL mend broken hearts

Hello, my name is Vanessa. I am 24 years old. At these moments, I would like to ask you for prayer. My life has changed soooo much in the past year. Our family lost our home because we could no longer afford paying the mortgage. Therefore, my mother and I will soon be moving to my older sister’s house. The truth is… I’m very nervous. Its going to be a huge change.  The reason being… my sister lives with her boyfriend who has hit and verbally abused her. I can still remember the bruises upon her body. I haven’t been able to completely forgive and forget. PLEASE pray that God may help me to forgive.

I’m also unemployed at the moment, which has been very difficult. I feel sooo helpless and discouraged at times. I just pray that I may have patience and trust that God will open the doors to a job. I’ve been applying, praying, but still remain unemployed. On the other hand, I’m very humbled and grateful because God has opened the door for me. I got accepted into graduate school. I will be pursuing a master’s degree, in guidance and counseling for K-12 graders. However, I’m terrified. Sometimes, I question my potential. I’m scared of the “unknown.” I’m even more scared of failing. Its so ironic… getting accepted into graduate school comes with many different emotions.

I long to seek and accept God’s amazing plan for my life. PLEASE pray for me… may God direct me and keep me strong.  Thank you very much =) God bless!


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