Guitar in Flames

God Melted my Guitar Stand

On Friday Night at First Fridays Revival meeting on June 5th, 2009, I had a strange thing that happened.

After the intense meeting I went to pack up my equipment. I noticed that my guitar stand was melted. Yes my guitar stand melted. The rubber part on top of my guitar stand was all melted.

Also I noticed that the metal part was rusted. It looked like it been through heavy fire. I showed it to several people at the church to witness, this. They were all in shock.

“I guess you were really hot play tonight” joking in amazement.

After all that excitement, what about my guitar. I went to check out my guitar. I notice that my guitar was fine. No damage. Some how my guitar stand was the only thing melted, but my guitar was not. Now that is a miracle.

What is God doing!! I don’t know. But what ever he wants to do It’s all right, He is God. Signs and wonders. Unexplainable I say.

God Bless, Sam

Note: story was also reported on WBNG news.


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