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Deliverance from Fungi in Three Toenails

Greetings Everyone,

Three of my toenails were infected with fungi for a long period of time. I have made a decision not to use prescription medication because they have their own negative side effects. Therefore, I put my trust in the Lord to heal me.

Sometime this year, I was talking to the Lord, and I told Him that I know He is preparing me for my husband. The preparation includes physical preparation too. I was thinking, my husband expects to find me well-adorned, and I should be blemish free like Absalom. Yes, this is the Kingdom child speaking with power and authority!

After about a week of making these statements to my Lord, I have gotten instructions from my Lord to remove the old wine so that He will put the new wine. That is, cut off as much old toenails that are infected with the fungi as possible. About days later, I have noticed the fungi in my nail starting to clear up. I have given my Lord thanks and praise for starting the healing process. He did it better than my expectations. God is awesome!

I continue to give Him thanks and praise for showing up. Part 2 of this testimony is to bare record of the fungi healing completion.

Thank you, Lord!

Showing the love from Jesus.

JesusPrincess 🙂


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