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God Healed Me of Herpes (Oral and Genital)

I want to share my testimony about how God healed me of herpes (oral and genital), because I remember the feelings and thoughts I was having during this dark period of time in my life, and quite frankly I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

To anyone who is struggling and feels hopeless, trust me I have been there, and as hard of a period of time as this was, it honestly changed my whole perspective on life and God for the better. Going into college I felt very insecure and lost, throughout high school I would drink and party on the weekends, but it wasn’t until college that I really lost myself. I turned to drinking, drugs, and sex to fill a void, and in a sense feel good about myself. Unfortunately, those were only temporary reliefs to the internal pain. My first semester of college I slept with 2 different girls. Unfortunately for me, the condom broke both times. At the time I never even really worried about STDs, it was something that happened to other people, and quite frankly it didn’t even really cross my mind ever.

I don’t think high schools take sexual education as serious as it should, especially with how common STDs actually are. However, to begin my story I slept with two girls my first year of college, and it wasn’t until about a month later that I had an outbreak in my genital region. It was extremely uncomfortable and lasted about a month until it fully went away. Did it scare me? Absolutely.

However I thought that was it, and it was a lesson learned. After the initial outbreak I started getting constant itching in my genital region and I decided to go get the general STD screening. Of course the tests came back all negative, however the general STD screening doesn’t even test for herpes unless you specifically request it. Why? Because 80% of people that have it don’t even show noticeable symptoms, and I guess it’s easier for people to not know then deal with the mental trauma of it, leaving that remaining 20% out to dry.

I knew something was wrong, simply because I know my body well enough to know that something wasn’t right. I started looking online and realized the symptoms were very similar to herpes symptoms, anytime I would have a few drinks of alcohol or eat chocolate, bam, I would get sores in and around my mouth and occasionally down in my groin region (I believe it was HSV1 which is why it transferred up to my mouth and face, and was much more active there than on my genital region not including the initial breakout), something that never happened prior to this.

A part of me wanted to just believe it was acne or something else, but you know if it is a herpes sore by the tingling in your skin followed by a sore soon after. I would take lysine pills and it would reduce the size and length of sores, but it wasn’t a cure. It was horrible, I thought my life was over, I would never want to give it to anyone else, especially a future wife that I love.

The devil was really playing with my thoughts and I really was about to kill myself. I remember talking to God and I said

“God, I’m going to go get tested for herpes, if it comes back positive I’m ending it all.”

Well God heard me, and to my surprise the test results came back negative, however that didn’t stop the fact that I was getting these embarrassing sores and uncomfortable itching constantly. I decided I wasn’t going to accept this, and I figured God was my only hope.

Pete Cabrera Jr. (youtube)
Tom Loud (youtube)

These were 3 resources that really allowed me to see the truth and renew my thinking. It says in the bible we have to renew our minds to think like Christ (Romans 12:2).

During this period of time I really had to change my lifestyle. I had to cut out the partying, which was extremely hard. It really sucked turning down invites with my friends to go out and drink and have a good time, social media definitely doesn’t make it any easier either, but they weren’t going through what I was going through. I needed to do what was best for me at the time. I stopped watching porn (sorry if that is too much info, but I know when I was in your position I wanted to know as much as possible).

Most importantly, we have to have faith and believe. You can cut out all the negative things in your life, but if you aren’t growing in spirit and faith by doing so, you aren’t making progress. WE HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO CLAIM OUR HEALING. I would look up healing scriptures, and made it a priority to read them aloud throughout the day and meditate on them. We have to speak out the Word of God in order to get in into our heart and really believe it. As your faith grows, you’ll start to feel the Holy Spirit growing inside you. It’s hard to explain, but you just know. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.

You have to view yourself through a spiritual view point, believing that Jesus Christ died for our forgiveness of sins and “by his stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5), not just spiritual healing, but physical healing. God isn’t keeping healing from you, it is already available to us, but we have to use faith to receive it as our own. One thing that Pete Cabrera says in one of his videos is that we are not bodies that have a mind and a spirit, but we are spirits that have a mind and live in a body. View yourself through the spiritual perspective first and don’t focus on what the body is feeling and what your carnal mind is telling you. (Carnal mind is basically your “worldly/fleshly” mind and thought process, think through the spirit.)

It says in the bible “seek first his kingdom, and all these things will be given to you.”

It also says “a man reaps what he sows”(Galatians 6:7) meaning that if your focusing on the flesh and what the flesh is producing, you will continue to produce that, but if you focus on the spirit and the fact that your spirit is healed and whole through Jesus Christ, your flesh will align with the spirit.

Anytime I noticed my mind thinking about the problem I would consciously say something along the lines of

“Thank you, Jesus, for healing me, I know that I am healed completely despite what the body or my thoughts might try to tell me.”

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Building up your faith takes time, renewing your mind takes time, but in the process it will make you so much stronger, it took me months to really start believing and find my errors. God is not punishing you or trying to teach you a lesson, at first, I had those same thoughts, but the more I learned, it all started making sense.

We have to stop being stubborn and looking for excuses and accept that we made a mistake. Luckily God loves us so much that he will never turn away anyone. God has already forgiven you, forgive yourself. Well maybe you’re thinking “I believe that God has forgiven me, but that doesn’t mean he will heal me.” We know that Jesus healed ALL kinds of sickness when he was on earth, and although he isn’t walking the earth anymore in the flesh, he is with us through the Holy Spirit, and ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever’(Hebrews 13:8).

“And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, that same Spirit will also give life to your mortal bodies”(Romans 8:11) – your MORTAL bodies! That spirit DOES dwell in you, you just have to look past the flesh and look within! Believe the spirit, not the flesh.

In closing, one week the Holy Spirit told me to fast for the first time.(When I say the Holy Spirit told me, I don’t mean I heard a voice telling me this or that, but basically through my conscience received the urge to try fasting) I will say that fasting is probably the best way to focus on the spirit instead of the fleshly desires. I am big into bodybuilding and keeping a strict diet, so fasting certainly wasn’t what I wanted to do, but I realized the Holy Spirit wouldn’t lead me wrong.

One night after months of prayer and spiritual growth, the Holy Spirit ended it all. An unexplainable feeling came over my whole body and woke me up in the middle of the night. I knew right away I was healed, and it just felt like a HUGE burden was lifted off of me. To confirm it, I was tested again a few days ago, and they came back negative.

I know one day you will be writing a testimony just like mine as long as you don’t give in. At times I thought it would just be easier to live with it than continuing to fight a battle that seemed like it would never end. Just trust that it is only making you stronger, and that IT WILL COME TO PASS. I leave you with one of my favorite verses in fighting sickness “Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee”(James 4:7).

Are you going to believe the finished works of Jesus Christ, or are you going to believe the works of the enemy?



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