Shadow figure outside window.

Fighting Off Demons

(2008) I was in college doing a lot of ecstasy. I was a Christian, but I was very damaged and oppressed by demonic activity growing up. One night while lying in bed I noticed a shadow man peering out my window. He was too tall and thin with very broad shoulders and a brimmed hat. I knew he was a demon, so I walked up to him. I tried to touch his chest and I laughed in his face.

Then the trench coat opened, and the big shoulders were actually wings, similar to a bat. His legs were more like a tornado tail no feet. He pushed my chest taking me feet off the ground and onto my back where I had an awake seizure (eyes open, loss of voice box) and the tail was going thru my heart. I had many negative spiraling thoughts.

I have had many demonic entities follow me around and attack /oppress me. It’s a struggle keeping them away since light attracts darkness. They’ve asked me in dreams why I haven’t come to the other side, they’ve tormented my dad and told me they were excited to meet him, in dreams, visions, and voices (outside of my head).

I wish I was a stronger Christian to fight them off. The only thing stronger than them is Jesus’ blood (and I’d have to be protected by him for safe combat.)

Deliver me and keep me safe. Thanks!!


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