Praying Girl


One morning I was sitting in my living room on a Sunday morning. My family vehicle was in the shop in the next town over. Our church service is at 11am. My family and I go to a wonderful church, Jenkins Memorial Church. I decided for some reason to walk to pick up my vehicle. I looked on the Internet and it would be a 6.7 mile walk. I could have called a friend, I could have called a cab. For some reason I wanted to walk. I am 48 years old, I also weigh 280 pounds. None the less I got dressed in some comfortable clothes and out the door I went. As I was walking down my driveway I told the LORD I was going to enjoy his creations while on this walk. BEFORE I hit the end of the driveway I PRAYED that the LORD give me the will and the strength to make this walk so that I could enjoy his creations. What made me think I could walk nearly 7 miles. 1 or 2 miles maybe! The short answer is FAITH. Ask the Lord and believe he will deliver! I started out, at a brisk pace (remember this last statement), I was doing what I said I was going to do. I was enjoying the sky, the clouds. As I walked down the road I was enjoying the trees, the woods, the animals. In the age of cell phones, I had mine with me, my wife called and asked me where I was at. When I told her she couldn’t believe it. At this point I was about 2-3 miles away walking thru communities enjoying the houses, yards and animals looking and barking at me. My wife thought I was crazy and I wasn’t even half way there. Shortly after this I had some doubts trying to creep in. What am I doing? Do I have time to make this long walk and get back to get my family and I ready for church? About a millisecond later those thoughts were washed away with the thought that if I ask God for something and then doubt him, thats not good. I put my head down and continued on. I noticed so many things, places etc in my neigborhood along the way that I never knew was there. I got within 1 mile of where I was going and I knew that God had been with me. (Remember the statement I told you to remember). I was ending this walk with the same brisk pace I started out with. Now let me throw a few facts in here. 6.7 miles, 48 years old, 280 pounds, same brisk pace, longest walk before this was 5 miles in the boyscouts 35+ years ago and that was tough then, no pain during walk OR the following days afterwards, my left ankle swells just during a normal day … no swelling of ankle.

When you ask for something from God, have FAITH that he will provide. Although this is a story of a walk and not one of miraculous healing or of saving a soul it is a prime example of FAITH and the fact that your GOD hears you.

God was behind me, gently pushing me down the road like a tailwind pushes a plane thru the sky!


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