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Dream of Jesus!

Jesus came to me in a dream.

I was 7 months pregnant and I had a dream where Jesus was walking away with my baby. All I saw was the back of Jesus his robes and his hair. I did not see his face.

I was puzzled because everything was fine with my unborn child. I had just had my checkup and everything was ok.

Two weeks later I started feeling bad and I went to the doctor. He found that the baby inside me had died.

It was very sad but because I am a believer in Jesus, he had mercy on me and let me know that he had my baby. That my baby is in heaven with Jesus.

He even told me before it happened. If your baby passed away please be encouraged. Believe in Jesus, walk with him daily.

If you walk with Jesus you will see your baby again in heaven and I will see my baby too!

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