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Dream Interpretation

I need some help and guidance!

I was demonically oppressed starting at age 13. It went all throughout my teenage years…I had dreams of being in prison cells pitch black and trying to get out and something would tell me you’re not getting out of here…dreams where i would be floating and crying out Jesus save me, or I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I have always been able to sense evil spirits around me or other people I can actually feel when one is in the room.

I have been saved now for 2 years I grew up in church, so I have always known about Jesus. The evil dreams have stopped but new ones came. I had a dream when I started drifting away here is how it went. In this dream I was at some kinda bar/eatery and sirens like a nuclear power plant started going off.

I knew that it was the end of the world and JESUS was coming so I started running around asking people do you know who JESUS CHRIST is and one woman said yes, I like his benefits, but I don’t like the lifestyle and then I went up to 2 men on barstools and asked do you know JESUS CHRIST and they said yes and started laughing demonically and spitting on me…

I ran outside and people were playing games and the sun looked like the sun off of Mario brothers and I said what are you doing they said we are trying to win our way to heaven. I said you can’t do that and then I started walking down the road and a old black woman grabbed my hand she was little, and her hands felt so soft. He said disobedience will have their part in the lake of fire you need to go to church…time is short.

Then I had another dream and me and my mother were in the yard, and we started lifting off the ground and she said it’s the rapture and I said I know and i looked up and there was JESUS in the clouds with his arms spread open and smiling. I woke up with such peace.

Another dream I had back in September of 2008 was me and my husband were in my old house i grew up in. he said that we were under a tornado warning and i got the remote and started flipping through the channels and every county was highlighted red. I tried to get my kids dressed to go to the storm shelter but i was in slow motion.

So, I stepped outside and my uncle who is 79 years old pulled up in a car and said you never think it’s coming but look the storms upon you and you cannot get to safety, and I heard nuclear power plant alarms going off and a freight train sound and I went back into the house and said Jesus save us!!!

The last dream I have had was in October of 2008 and in this dream i was at a friend’s house and dark storm clouds were coming I knew that I needed to get to safety, but I couldn’t get to the storm shelter. Suddenly this huge tornado came over me and I was in the middle of it and in the middle of this tornado was a machine that caused it to circulate and spin and a man was operating it. I woke up in the middle of the night and something told me GOD was trying to tell me something and went back to sleep.

I feel like GOD wants to use me and is trying to tell me something can anyone give me some interpretation and guidance.


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