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Delivered from The Addiction of Secular Music and More!

Greetings to all, I want to share my testimony with you of how God delivered me. I believe testimonies increase one’s faith in God. Not only that, but also gives glory to God. Before I begin let me brief you a little of my background.

I was born into a family of Christians, every Sunday we went to church. But all that stopped when my maternal grandma passed on. Well, I stopped! But I didn’t stop believing in God. I can say that I backslid because I did what I wanted. So, as I have mentioned that I stopped going to church, this was for a period of seven years. And in the last year of the seven I started watching a Christian television every Sunday for a live Sunday service. Then, boom!

One day as I was watching this Sunday service, a girl was prayed for and the demon inside of her started manifesting saying,

“I make this girl listen and dance to my music. I make her to be in her own world”.

Hearing that my world was shattered because I saw myself in that girl. I did everything that the demon said. I listened to worldly music and danced to it. I created my own world in my mind, isolating myself from people and always in my room. It was like an escape from reality.

At that moment I knew that I was possessed by an evil spirit because the symptoms were visible in my life. I remember praying to God in my room asking Him to deliver me from this spirit as He did to that girl. I prayed to God believing that He will deliver me, I kept this to myself I didn’t want anyone to know including my mother. I was still dancing to the tunes of the devil as I sought for deliverance. I had a record of about more than 300 songs in my mobile phone of secular music and only 1 gospel.

It continued, I listened to that music for hours, I was a slave. I tried to stop on my own, deleting all the songs in my mobile phone. Who was I fooling? I was addicted. The music was everywhere. I got it again, yet I did not lose hope. I continued praying to God.  My schoolwork was affected a lot that I started failing. Mind you I was in my 12th grade. I did not study, It was bad. Stress on top of another one. It was not easy getting up knowing that spiritually you are in a prison and physically you are a free man.

One night I prayed to God, cried out to Abba Father told Him everything that was going on at school and in my life. I was tired of this I wanted out I was not happy at all. Didn’t know if I should tell my mother or not, I felt like He was not hearing me (I was wrong He heard me). As I sat there desperately for God to answer me, in that instance I had a thought, and I knew it was not me “Fast for 3 days”. I did not resist the thought. I knew nothing about fasting, but I was willing. I guess desperation was my motivation.

The next day, I searched about fasting and also scriptures. I did it!  I did not eat anything just drank water for 3 days. Prayed to God reminding Him of what He said in the scriptures. Remember I was fasting for the first time in my life I was weak, but I did what Jesus Christ taught regarding fasting (Matthew 6:17). So, on the 4th day I did not know how to end it. I said my prayer and asked Him to allow me to eat and immediately I said, “Amen” I felt something coming out of me.

Glory be to God, I was delivered! I did not have the urge to listen to secular music again nor dance to it. When I heard it after my deliverance it sounded funny. The Holy Spirit led me to read (Matthew 12:44-45 and John 8:11). After some time, I realized that God did not only free me from this addiction but also other bad habits I had that I thought were just harmless fun. I used to masturbate and watch pornography. It all stopped. My happiness was restored. Thank you, Lord!

My beloved brother and sister in the Lord, nothing is impossible with God. Whatever the situation, whatever the circumstances. Cast your cares to Him and you shall be happy. Only God can help you. Remember He created you; He knows you by name and loves you a lot. Don’t believe otherwise!

Your Father is crazy about you!


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