Praying Girl

Deliverance, Job, Healing Prayers Needed

Dear Christians all over the world.

I am called Joshua Waiswa, a Ugandan. I believe that when we join hands in prayer, when we believe in one accord, then chains are broken. I have had a pornography and masturbation issue, have been in and out for about 12 years now, I get out for about 2 months straight and then find myself in for example. I need you to pray with me for total deliverance on this.

Secondly, am a Telecommunications Engineer by profession, I made some wrong decisions with my career and have been out of a job for about 7 months now. This has affected my financial life, my ability to develop as a man and its also affecting my relationship with my girlfriend as I am not able to afford a standard lifestyle. I have put a lot of things on hold because of this, purchase of land, building of my house, my marriage and a lot more. Kindly pray with me as I look for a job. God Says he will restore the years that the locusts have eaten, I believe he will hear my cry.