Clouds, Hands

God Brought me Healing

My name is Dorathy Hedges.

In July 2002. I became very ill, with Double Pneumonia and Bronchitis. I was 59 years.

I was accessed at White Cross Medical Centre, was sent to the local Hospital, where I end up in Intensive Care in a coma.

Because they gave me Penicillin, which gave me Anaphylactic Shock. {severe allergic reaction} When on life support, I died twice.

When I floated down the tunnel, I came into this Wonderful Light getting bigger and bigger, at the end I was greeted by Jesus and some Angels.

JESUS took my hand told me I was needed, I have too much for you to do, and JESUS prayed over me. I saw Birds and Animals, People and flowers changing colours. And Angels Singing.

Next, I found myself at an armchair back in the world. At night I had Angels at the four corners of my bed playing music.

With what happened, I had no voice, and needed an operation to be able to speak.

I spent 3 1/2 months in Hospital until able to return home in November to begin a New Life.

It’s been 7 years since then, I’m now 65 years. And the Lord is still working on me. All Praise Honor and Glory go to Our Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Amen