A girl student struggling to answer certification paper questions, praying for God's help, oil painting.

Certification Paper: The Finger of God in my Results

I am currently under a certification program. Before preparing for my first paper I. The final level, I went asking those who had gone ahead of me for the techniques in passing the paper. Most of them downplayed the paper, so I automatically got a relaxed mindset and approach towards the paper. I didn’t study hard, because I had assumed it was an easy paper. And I scheduled solving questions only a week to the paper.

When I began solving the questions exactly a week to the paper, I began to shiver. I found it very challenging, and I felt like I made I big mistake in heeding to the advice of others. In my head I was like I should have started solving questions long ago. I was so pressed with time, I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t even understand the questions being asked. I felt I had made a big mistake. I fell down on my knees and cried so much.

As I prepared, I was still not understanding how to approach the questions. I had to stop solving and start reading the answers because solving the questions was getting me depressed. I still struggled through. I would be reading the answers to the past questions and just break down into tears and cry to God to show his mercy.

Fast forward, we wrote the exam and I found it very challenging. I was so down after the paper; I didn’t know what to do to myself. I knew it was my fault because I didn’t prepare well enough. But I decided to leave it in God’s hands.

As the date of the results drew nearer fear just gripped me. It was a very challenging paper for me, and I didn’t even know how I would write it again. I asked God for His mercies countless times.

The day of the results finally came. I couldn’t even think about anything. I was so scared but still prayed. The results came and I passed after all the depression and the unpreparedness. Ladies and Gentlemen, I just want to remind us that God is still a miracle working God. No matter the situation, put your trust in the Lord and he will deliver you. If he did it for me, he can do it for you.
I leave you with Luke 1:37.

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