Praying Girl

Camp Miracle CCO

A baby a priest at my church adopted was near death and they flew him to a hospital. On the way he died 3 times and was revived. He was blind deaf and had as many brain cells left as the tip of your pinky–ok that’s not the amazing part. Several of the doctors said he would die in 6 months and if he didn’t, he would be that way the rest of his life. Then after several weeks of praying they took him back and he could hear and see and was regaining brain cells.

They brought the baby to this church camp I was at and I had been really questioning God because I have had a ruff life lately and I prayed to god with the baby’s hand on mine.

“God if you really want to save me you will let this baby grasp my hand…”

I opened my eyes and as soon as I said amen he held it for like 10 minutes the next night we were all around the camp fire praise and singing and I went to pray for my cousin Joel and after that I don’t know but I just started crying and crying and crying. This little boy had sent gods message to me that everything is going to be ok. And that night I started crying. A kid I barely knew came and stayed up with me the whole night with me praying. This was the first time I have cried since my uncle passed away 1 year and 9 months ago. So when life has got you down talk to the Lord.

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