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I Am Not Walking by Sight, But by Faith

Our Lord is amazing. I want to share His goodness toward me. I had been suffering hepitago and atopic dermatitis since end of May 2021. that can be cause by multiples stuff in my cases the doctors told me its was because the port of the mask during this whole pandemic. What hepitago does is create a burning crust in the face and it’s easy to spread it all over your face. By the grace of God I haven’t had that on all my face, only on my chin and under my nose, but still, it’s something very painful and embarrassing since it’s in the face, same for atopic dermatitis.

For the last 3 months I’m ashamed to say I had been putting my faith in medicines and doctors. I have been to the hospital one time and clinics many times because of that. It seems it was never gone. The medicines were only a temporary relief.

I reached my breaking point 2 weeks ago. My chin and the top of my mouth because very itchy and my skin start to peel off. I could see under it was painful and horrible. I was in pain. I couldn’t talk, eat, nor sleep. When I went to the hospital they prescribed me the same medicine again, but this time I decided to put my trust in God only. As a Christian, I know our lord is amazing and he has been healing so many people. I decided to declare healing over my body and I started listening to a healing bible before sleep and during the day.

I also found that testimony app on my phone. Reading testimonies here is so encouraging. I promise God I would come here to give a testimony. It has been a week since I went to the hospital. The day after I decided to get up and manifest my faith I knew God was for healing me and I decided to put a date on my calendar.  I choose the Saturday from the same week that was 2 days from there.

I started to declare God’s healing over my body and kept my house in a prayer and positive atmosphere despite that I was still in pain. Saturday came. When I got up it was still there. I stayed in faith. Sunday morning I woke up my skin was now scabby but no more painful and I could see the scab where it was falling.

I am doing much better now. I am healed even if some symptoms seem to start to want come back, I refuse them in the name of Jesus. So today I can say I am healed despite seeing some symptoms try to come back. Its doesn’t really matter because I am not walking by sight, but by faith.

Jesus is faithful. I know he is not a liar. He loves us so much and I will keep declaring my healing until I fully see it from my eyes. PS. Sorry for my English.  My first language is French. Hope you guys would be able understand me. God bless you all.

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