Raising Arms in the Air

Miracle Job

I am full of gratitude to God for this miracle He did. I was fired from my place of work in November, and it seriously was a painful one as I did not have savings to sustain me for a long time.

Hence, I immediately started applying for jobs, I didn’t tell anyone about my unemployed situation. I had hopes of getting job the next month as I was already getting into the final stages of some interviews but they all were not successful.

I kept on praying and studying the Bible and suddenly I got an interview invite from a Big company that I had previously written their test about 5 months ago.

I prayed fervently to God, shed some tears and asked that by His mercy He should make this interview a success… to the Glory of God, I got an offer from the company just the next day after the interview.

I am really thankful and I want you to believe that there is nothing impossible for God to do, we just need to stay close to him.