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A Testimony from Father Abraham?

This is something I read on It is an excerpt from the writing of AB Simpson. It struck me to the very heart because the crisis points mentioned in Father Abrahams life are very similar to what I experienced in my life. I started wondering whether as Christians each of us can draw a parallel to his life? If he was loved of God, Gods friend, then how much more we who accepted His son as Saviour and Lord. So will not the same Hand draw a parallel in our lives? Maybe all of us can learn from this:

“I am the Almighty God. Walk before Me and be thou perfect. Genesis 17:1” 

There are epochs in every great life, and perhaps this day marks an epoch in many of our lives. The text marks such an epoch in Abraham’s life. Several similar crisis hours had already come in the history of the patriarch. The first was when he left his native land at God’s bidding. The second was when he entered Canaan and found it a famine-stricken land of foes. The third was when he separated from Lot and God appeared to him and gave him the promise of all that he had left and much more besides. The fourth was when God gave him the promise of a son, perhaps fifteen or twenty years before the present epoch. That promise was accompanied with a very wonderful revelation of God and a covenant covering all the future and foreshadowing the blessing of coming ages.

But Abraham had not been altogether true to the high calling which God had given him. He had not doubted God’s promise and yet he had staggered under its weight enough to unite with Sarah his wife some fourteen years before the present incident in helping God to fulfill His promise by taking into his family Hagar, their servant, and striving through her to bring about the fulfillment of the promise of a son in the person of Ishmael. In all this God had seen the wavering of a double mind, and now when He appears to Abraham in his hundredth year He very obviously alludes to Abraham’s doubtful attitude by the startling message which is as much a reproof as it is a promise,

“I am El-Shaddai. Walk before Me and be thou perfect.”

He had not been quite upright in his faith because he had not quite believed in the all-sufficiency of his God, and therefore it was necessary that God should come to him in a new revelation of His power and require from Abraham a new expression of his faith. It may be that this is just where some of us are standing today. We have been trusting God in part and have been trying to do the other part ourselves, and God is speaking to us by His new and almighty name and saying to us “I am El-Shaddai. Walk before Me and be thou perfect.”

Go to the site to read the worthy remanant of this excerpt! I pray, God bless you, the Holy Spirit fill you and Jesus accompany you always.