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A Powerful Testimony to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Hi guys. I pray whoever reads this is well and will be well for the days to come, full of faith and full of the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 71:15-17 GNT says,

“I will tell of your goodness; all day long I will speak of your salvation, though it is more than I can understand. I will go in the strength of the Lord God; I will proclaim your goodness, yours alone. You have taught me ever since I was young, and I still tell of your wonderful acts.”

When I was very young, I had a nightmarish life. There are bits and pieces I remember such as being locked in a room, starved, beaten, abused in all manners one could think of and more. I have seen and experienced evil things I will not discuss here. Let me just say that it was a living nightmare.

One day as I lay on the floor, I had a dream or vision. In reality there was a single barred window high up on the wall. In this dream/vision it was replaced by a stained-glass window with a woman on it with a bright light behind the window. A whisper came to me. It said, “I see you”. The truth and details are hidden from my mind, but I remember waking up with tremendous strength and purpose. I remember opening a door that was locked in many places from the other side and tackling a full-grown man over a couch, picking up a lamp, throwing it through a window, jumping through the window and I remember running aimlessly down the street as I had never been out of the house.

I was 4 years old. An officer stopped me, and he followed me back to the house where they found my mother and her boyfriend, and the drugs and the kids locked in other rooms (my half-brothers and my sister) and from there I really don’t remember much. I’m not sure if that even happened. It could be that the vision just imparted strength and courage.

Tears come to my eyes as I type this. I just know that my adoptive mother says that I saved everyone in that house. Me and my sister were adopted into one family and my half-brothers another. Now let me skip forward. Yes, there is more please keep reading.

Psalm 23:4 – “Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no danger, because you are with me; your rod and your staff, they protect me.”

Throughout life I was not doing well. Skipping school, doing drugs, vandalism, hanging with the wrong people. In general, I was just going down the wrong path. My parents signed me up for a program called youth challenge when I was 18. Me and my best friend Stan ran away and hid in our favorite spot in the neighborhood because I did not want to go.

Somehow my dad found us. This was a very hidden spot. It was the Lord’s will that I go. I looked at it like well I guess this is just meant to be so off I went to a north Little Rock national guard military base for this program. I met a guy in there named cadet Bowers. We quickly got into the subject of paganism. I always knew in my soul that there was more to life than this world, I mean, there is a point in space we just can’t go, it’s infinite, I refused to believe that our lives were insignificant I knew there was more.

So, I turned to witchcraft because I wanted tangible proof of this. I was never a practitioner of witchcraft but it It intrigued me. So this guy Bowers says to me he can show me the way. And I followed his teachings for a very brief time. He did this thing one day where he had an origami pentagram with a strip of paper inside with my name written and droplets of my blood on it. He placed his hands over it for about three minutes. My eyes did not leave this man. When he picked his hands up it had vanished.

When we got back to barracks, he told me to check my locker, so I did. The pentagram was inside on the bottom. He told me to open it. And when I did the paper inside along with any trace of blood was gone. I was so ignorantly blinded at this point because I was astounded by what I had seen.

Shortly after I was watching him get his hair shaved and I went into a sort of trance. His body turned dark and there was this liquid black smoke coming off of his skin. It literally terrified me inside. When I asked him about it he said I hate getting my head shaved. I wanted to kill her.

It was at that moment I knew I had really screwed up and after that I ignored Bowers. He got kicked out of the program soon after for fighting. He severely injured another guy there. And I was alone. So alone. And scared.

I began to have dreams always of something watching me as a slept, shooting into my body and getting slammed against the wall waking up in panic attacks and in sweats and my heart feeling like it would pop. I wanted something tangible and boy did I get it. I didn’t know what to do. I looked to the sky, to the stars. I had never picked up a Bible at this time in life, never even really knew a single fact about Jesus. I didn’t pray. But I begged for help. For something to please come help me. Anything. I was helpless.

Soon after that I was approached by a guy from third platoon. Cadet Bennett. We became quick friends and I told him about Bowers and what had happened. He said man that’s not good. Not good at all. Because I know now that I unwillingly put my soul on a platter for Satan. Strangely enough Bennett was also into witchcraft. He said he would try to help. What did I have to lose? I was desperate.

Me and Bennett did a thing where we sat by a tree, and he touched my knee and muttered things under his breath. For about three minutes. 3 so many 3s even in the Bible 3 comes up a lot as far as I have read so far. That was it. He got up and it was time for him to return to his barracks. I said well ok is that all…I mean what do I do now? He told me to focus on healing and meditation. And he was gone. I never saw him again.

Psalm 121:5-8:

“The Lord watches over you — the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from all harm — he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore”

So that’s what I did, I talked to the stars, the good energy, the universe. begged for forgiveness I begged for healing, I begged to be normal again. One particular meditation session I was sitting cross-legged in my bunk. People began to notice and make fun of me, saying nasty things.

It got worse. They spit on me, threw things at me, hit me with pillowcases full of things, dragged me and my bunk outside and then back inside, and finally one guy put this gigantic guidon pole which is very heavy, between my legs so when it fell forward the base of the pole pressed up against my testicles. It was extremely painful.

I had my eyes closed throughout all of this. I did not move, I may have winced, but I did not flinch, I was determined to ignore every distraction thrown at me out of respect for my mission to be healed. Always said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And all the sudden everything disappeared in the blink of an eye. I was standing in a circular clearing in the middle of a Forrest. It was snowing but it wasn’t cold. So silent you could hear the snow hit the ground.

I turned and heard soft music like humming off in the distance I was compelled to follow. So I followed until the music disappeared then I would have to face a different direction to hear it again and follow. I repeated this until I came up on a massive figure. Female in form dressed in white white than the snow adorned with every jewel you could possibly think of and holding a staff which seemed twice it’s height.

This figure was 5 times my height. I could not speak. But it looked down at me and with no words it raised its staff and smacked it into the ground and I was hit by these rings coming out of it. Instantly I was back in my bunk and I could hear the people around me still taunting me. I don’t know how long I was like that but now there were these symbols, ancient symbols encased in an orange aura filling the entirety of my mind’s eye to the point it felt like it was circling my head.

And from head toe, toe to head up and down I felt like my body was being scanned. I felt hot and cold but it was like nothing I had ever felt before. I felt truly clean and. I don’t know…more than I was. The next day and to this very moment I write this I see endless seas of transparent dots and lines swimming in and out everything. And when I stare at it I get a sense of peace. I knew I had been healed. I just looked into the sky and said thank you. Whatever you are. Thank you so much.

I went to try to find cadet Bennett but nobody had ever heard of him. He simply did not exist. Again, I just knew that I had something protecting me. At the end of the youth challenge program there was a freak storm that formed over my barracks. We were told to hide in the latrine(bathroom) so I did, and I was scared. I felt like something was coming for me.

A lot of the other kids went out to the windows to look at the storm and one kid yelled THERES a FACE in the SKY. And other kids confirmed it and people were freaking out. I dared not look for I knew what it was. It was something evil, something angry, but as quick as the storm had come, it vanished in about 10 minutes. And no one ever talked about after that. It’s as if it never happened. Very strange.

I’m going to skip forward now to the final section of this testimony. Thank you for reading this far.

John 14:6:

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

So, I come to the present day. To April 10th, 2024. People had been talking about the eclipse on April 8th saying this is the end; Jesus is coming. I started doing some digging because I was scared. I was unresolved. Let me just say I had a fear of God.

So, for the first time I opened the Bible. And it was recommended to me to start with the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. As I read, I was amazed as I have heard of Bible study and people dealing with so much confusion and doubt and highlighting passages with question marks and just really diving deep trying to understand.

As I read through the parables, the teachings of Jesus Christ, I was putting hearts over the things I loved it all made sense to me. I read about the crucifixion of Jesus. On April 10th 2 days after the solar eclipse, I was on mushrooms, and I meditated. My thoughts drifted back to military school to that moment when I was meditating, and people were trying to distract me in all manner from my goals.

And then it hit me. Jesus is real. He saw my commitment and my dedication to being healed. What I went though was similar to how he was treated when he was out on a cross. He was mocked. Spit on. Stabbed, tortured. He saw me. And he picked me up. When I made this connection, I was filled with a feeling I never knew. Love. I am an extremely selfless person I’ve never had a lot. What I do have I give everything to people; it is a loving thing to do yet I never felt the feeling of love. I just knew that it was the right thing to do, and it made me happy. Every time.

Love is not a romantic fuzzy feeling. Love is a decision of the will to work for the betterment and goodness of another person. It is simply not enough just to live those who are nice. You have to love everyone even if they look like a murderer or smell or can barely talk or are deformed or are weak. Everyone deserves mercy and love. I have so many stories I could truly write a book. My entire life is a testimony as a matter of fact. My childhood was taken from me, a normal life was taken from me. But is written.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Even as a little boy and as a grown man I was able to deny the darkness that was my past whereas so many kids that go through these things have terrible lives. God bless them all.

And so for the first time in my life after making this connection to Jesus I said out loud.

“Yes of course Jesus! Of course, I accept you in my heart we are one in the same thank you for dying on the cross so that I may be forgiven of my sins”.

And at that moment I was scared. Of doubt as many people probably are of asking for things in fear that it may not come to pass and damage the integrity of their faith but I tell you now people. Jesus gives you what you need not what you want. I asked Jesus for one thing and one thing only and I said it in HIS NAME. I asked this. Jesus Christ. Please I beg you. Allow me to be as close to you as possible” that’s it.

Two days later I threw out my PlayStation 5 my tv, my virtual reality equipment, I gave up drinking and drugs I stopped looking at porn and I stopped masturbating. It is one thing to at one moment decide to do this. Yet. That was almost a month ago now. There are zero desires and zero thoughts. Zero temptations. No one’s perfect. Although one temptation has come back and that’s porn which I am working on.

Guys. These are 20 year long addictions especially video games that is literally allllllll I ever did or thought about. I had almost 500 games in my library. Thousands of dollars. The only selfish things I’ve ever done are video games and drugs. And they’ve destroyed my relationships.

I understand now. When I asked him to be close to Him, he PLUCKED these things away from him so I could not be distracted from him. When I wake up. God. When I walk. God. When I drive God. When I speak. God. When I help. God it’s all I ever think about now.

I pray to Him to give me a grand stage that I might share this with as many people as I can. I ask everyone to do this. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior believe that he died in the cross for our sins. Read through the parables and apply them to your life. Meditate and ask him to be as close to him as possible. God bless all of you.


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