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I Put My Faith on God that He Could Heal Me

Before I devoted myself to God, I was in a five-year relationship that always put my life in danger. Once I left it I entered A dark place mentally. I began to turn to alcohol and met a guy that I was using for sex and comfort.

One day, I was told that the guy was sleeping around with multiple women, and I went to go get tested. I was diagnosed with herpes. I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I felt dirty and ashamed of myself and thought about ending my life.

During that time, God placed a special girl in my life, who would always try to get me to church. I finally accepted her offer one day. When I went to church, somebody asked to pray over me, and then told me not to be ashamed that God has been waiting for me. I decided that day to turn to God for help.

That service spoke about verses from Matthew when Jesus was performing miracles. I put my faith on God that he could heal me and began my journey to devoting myself to him. I fasted multiple times and went through very tough spiritual warfare that tested my faith, but I meditated over Matthew and Psalms. During my last fast, I told God that no matter if I’m healed or not that I will still devote myself to him and trust the plans he has for me.

Once I got baptized, all my sadness and pain that I had suddenly was lifted off of me and I felt healed. I decided to go get retested again and the test results came back negative. I was told if I was positive that I would’ve came back positive again, but God healed me. Ever since day, I speak up about my testimony and walk with him every day. God is amazing, forgiving, Gracious, he didn’t have to kill me. He could’ve made me wait longer, but he blessed me to show me that he is capable of anything as long as I keep my trust in Him.

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