Praying Girl

A New Lease of Faith

I’ve recently found my way back to God, church and worshipping Christ and would like to share it with you.

I was brought up in a loving Christen house and going to church and worship was a large part of my life with loads of involvement in the life of the local church and it’s community.

I went off to university but carried on worshipping at the university chapel each week. When I came back and was living with my parents again church was again a big part of life as a junior church leader, choir, music and ordained as an elder. Then it all went down hill.

I got engaged to be married but that was broken up and really shook my faith. I moved into my own apartment and stopped going to church, I didn’t see the point in worshiping someone or something that could create as much hurt as I was feeling after the failed relationship.

Eventually I decided to try church again but it didn’t feel right, like I was going out of duty to my parents who had always taught me that was the thing to do. I went occasionally, when there was nothing else to do a weekend. Then an elderly pair really insulted me and my partner which was the last straw.

My mum has also been very ill and always seems to be in and out of the Drs surgery. My sister is also suffering from post-natal depression, my best friend is having a really hard time at work – it just didn’t seem fair that I or my family and friends should suffer so much.

It was when we went on a 3 week holiday to Australia and NZ that the hope returned. The incredible scenery and breathtaking views reminded of the power of Gods who created the wonderful views I was seeing.

When we got back I decided to try going to another church, a younger congregation, more lively and more upbeat. I haven’t looked back. It’s been wonderful whirlwind in the last 4 weeks and the holy spirit brought me to tears as I felt God welcoming me back. I still have my doubts but with the prayers and support the faith is returning.

I thank God for the courage he gave me to try church again and how he has encouraged me to pick up my bible and really pray and begin to trust again.

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