Praise God!

15 Years Recovered from Cocaine/Heroine +

My whole teenage life was wasted on drugs. I started using at 9 years old. I was forced to use drugs, and so it became me. Iā€™m 36 years old now, and I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from all the abuse I encountered.

At 21 years old I started cleaning my life up. I had to leave the environment and everything I knew. I moved to a strange land and I have been here ever since recovering. I refuse to go back to that dark place that was forced upon me. I’m educated now and working, looking to further my degree. Sometimes life gets extremely hard, but at least I’m clean. Thank God I’m free.

Today, I can say I made it through the storm. Many died, lost their mind, and lost their freedom along the way, but I can say I made it through the storm. Today, I am free, only because God loves me.


  1. Rose 7/24/2021
  2. Tom Sprague 7/24/2021

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